New TimeTrack Upgrades!

August 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

TimeTrack has been upgraded with a series of new features and options.

Event entry and reconciling events has been improved.  You can now select people for an event by typing the first few letters of their name.  Once you select an individual their name goes to the top for easy reference rather than staying in alphabetical order.  You have the option to add periods of a day, like class periods or lunch times, for easy time selection and can assign multiple descriptors when reconciling an event.

Birthdays can now be added in SETTINGS and will appear as a reminder on your TimeTrack.

When a staff member retires his/her name can be removed from the staff list and the data saved in a separate area.

Public Notes now appear in an easier to read form with line and punctuation breaks.

Explore and enjoy your TimeTrack upgrades.  You will find a list of changes at the bottom of this email.  Thanks to Eric Kramer, NSIP Software Engineer, for the improvements.  Many of these changes were requests and ideas for SAMs, principals, Time Change Coaches and Specialists.  Thanks!

Jim Mercer, NSIP Tech Coordinator, has prepared a series of short “how to” videos on the new features. Here are the first two:

1.     Birthdays and Reminders

2.     Changing group members or individuals from active to inactive