Congratulations! Your TimeTrack Calendar has been successfully upgraded!

What has changed?

In the past, each SAM team has been assigned a single set of login information for use with TimeTrack. This is no longer the case. Each administrator, SAM, Time Change Coach, and other participants will now have their own username and password to use. In addition to this, the calendar owner will now have the ability to grant different levels of access to each user.

The four access levels are:

  • Read Only (gives the user the ability to see the calendar but hides all data, charts and does not allow adding/deleting/changing events)
  • Read/Edit (gives the user the ability to see the calendar but hides all data/charts; allows the user to add/delete/change events)
  • Read/View Only (gives the user the ability to see the calendar and all data/charts but does not allow adding/deleting/changing events)
  • Read/View/Edit (Full access for the user)

If you wish to add or remove users from your calendar, simply click on the link at the bottom of the access control menu, and you will be able to submit that request to NSIP.

What do I do now?

  1. Click here to go to the new Login Page
  2. Enter your current TimeTrack username.
  3. Enter "changeme" as the password.
    • You will then be prompted to choose a new password.
    • This can be set to anything you like, but should be something that you will remember.
    • Please DO NOT reuse your old password.
    • If you forget this password, you will need to contact NSIP to have it reset.
    • A future update will allow you to reset the password yourself.
  4. Once your password has been set, you will be shown a list of who currently has access to your TimeTrack calendar, and what access level has been set for them.
    • Each user’s username will be displayed below their name. This is usually their email address. From now on, they will use this username to log into TimeTrack, regardless of what they have used in the past.
    • Their default password will be "changeme". The will be prompted for a new password the first time they log in.
    • You will need to provide each of your in-building users with their login information. Time Change coaches, State Coordinators, and other NSIP participants will be provided with their information by NSIP.
  5. When you are finished setting the permissions for each user, click on the “Go to my Calendar” button located at the bottom of the screen. TimeTrack will then be ready for use
  6. At this time, you should delete any TimeTrack shortcuts on your desktop and remake them. You will also be able to access your calendar from any web browser using the following URL:

If you find that you need to make any changes to user access after it has already been set, you may do this by selecting “User” and then “Change Access” in your TimeTrack calendar.

If you have any issues at all logging in to your calendar, please contact NSIP tech support at 502-509-9774. We will make sure that you get in ASAP with as little interruption to your access as possible.